We are Baykar

Working in favour of domestic and national production for Turkey's technological independence since 1984, Baykar has pioneered a momentum that will transform Turkey's defence and aerospace sector in the past 35 years. Today, Baykar is proud to be one of the world's leading manufacturers of unmanned aerial vehicles by taking our engineering initiative, which we started for the automotive industry, to the sky with our new-generation engineers. While producing Turkey's first domestic and national Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, our highest motivation has always been to rely on our engineers and brainpower.

Baykar's culture of continuous production and development also plays a leading role in the success of defence technologies that enter the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces and are exported abroad. At our Baykar R&D Centre, certified by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, we focus on designing advanced technologies which will create a paradigm shift in the aviation field nationally and uniquely. Our result-oriented and highly motivated team spirit ensures the dynamic realisation of new technologies through an intertwining of R&D and production processes. In addition to designing, building and producing unmanned and autonomous technologies, we continue our efforts to ensure that they are fully used by the military, industrialists and all layers of society.

Baykar, which broke new ground in the history of Turkish aerospace and defence with its self-financed R&D activities and achieved a 93% indigenousness rate in Turkey, continues to develop the world's most advanced technological systems in the field of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.